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Are you trying to break into the field of data science?

Here’s the thing – there really is only one thing that a company looking to hire a data scientist cares about: your portfolio. They wants to see that you can independently develop machine learning projects from scratch. No number of online certificates can replace that.

On your own and without any experience, this can be a daunting challenge. I’m here to help. I’ve worked with hundreds of students to build machine learning projects from the ground up. Together, we will develop a plan, and ensure you hit all the essential points (and avoid any red-flag weaknesses) to impress hiring managers.

For the last 4 years, I’ve worked for online bootcamps that charge >$1800/month for students to meet with me weekly and have access to a set online curriculum. By working privately, I can offer the same weekly meetings coupled with a personalized curriculum for <20% of that rate.

Don’t feel ready yet to start tackling an ML project? I can also help guide you in learning the elements of the data science skill-set such as:

  • Python and the essential data science libraries: Pandas, Numpy, Sklearn, Matplotlib
  • The essential statistics data scientists use to test their ideas
  • How to craft a compelling narrative with your data and ensure non-technical colleagues/executives grasp the key takeaways
  • How to build, train, and evaluate Machine Learning models for regression, classification, and recommendation

Already a data scientist looking for an outside perspective on a current project? Shoot me an email! I offer an hourly consulting rate.

Interested? I offer a free 15 minute consultation. Just schedule a time here

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Ben was great about giving me creative ideas for ways to improve my capstone project (which required improving my skills along the way) and challenging me to constantly push myself, which is exactly what I was looking for from a mentor. He is also skilled at explaining complex statistical concepts and algorithms and how to apply them within Python. Overall I enjoyed working with him and would definitely recommend him as a data science coach/mentor to others.

Joshua Karpen – Principal Consultant at Analytica Consulting

Ben Bell is a skilled data scientist and a thoughtful mentor. He draws from his comprehensive experience in data science to advise and prompt his mentees to learn while exploring new topics. For me, Ben’s guidance was a key element of my success and enjoyment in learning a new field. He addressed my questions thoroughly during our calls and encouraged me to try different approaches to solve stubborn problems. I found that I looked forward to my mentor calls with Ben, and I often ended calls smiling. When I did struggle with technical or analytical problems Ben was simultaneously empathetic and firm in his encouragement to figure out the solution. I highly recommend Ben Bell as a Data Science mentor

Heather Passmore, PhD, Senior Data Scientist at

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