Ben was great about giving me creative ideas for ways to improve my capstone project (which required improving my skills along the way) and challenging me to constantly push myself, which is exactly what I was looking for from a mentor. He is also skilled at explaining complex statistical concepts and algorithms and how to apply them within Python. Overall I enjoyed working with him and would definitely recommend him as a data science coach/mentor to others.


Joshua Karpen – Principal Consultant at Analytica Consulting

Ben is a great mentor with a breadth of knowledge about data science techniques and methods. He helped my during my Data Science bootcamp and gave me guidance when I was unsure about what path I should pursue in my projects and career transition. Ben also gave me a lot of pointers on which data science subjects were high impact and which topics I absolutely needed to know. I’d highly recommend him to anyone looking for help with Data Science topics.

Christopher Gardner, Machine Learning Software Engineer Consultant at Trendalytics

Ben was a great mentor to me in my Data Science course. During our weekly one-on-one video calls he was extremely knowledgeable in Data Science and gently encouraged and supported my learning and progression through the course. I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to learn from and work with Ben on my capstone projects.

Ben also gave me great consulting type advise for my current job regarding our Data Science initiatives. I highly recommend Ben as a Data Science mentor or consultant.

Dovid Burns, Junior Data Scientist at B&H Photo Video

As a mentor with Springboard, Ben showed vast amounts of applied knowledge that aided me towards my goals. As a former college tutor myself, I appreciate his ability to lead me towards answers and support my ideas with his own experience. His advice helped to calm me down with rational concepts when it seemed like the data was against me, as well as gave me insight into better approaches to dealing with these dilemmas.

Zack Black, Data Analyst at Breckenridge Grand Vacations

Ben Bell is a skilled data scientist and a thoughtful mentor. He draws from his comprehensive experience in data science to advise and prompt his mentees to learn while exploring new topics. For me, Ben’s guidance was a key element of my success and enjoyment in learning a new field. He addressed my questions thoroughly during our calls and encouraged me to try different approaches to solve stubborn problems. I found that I looked forward to my mentor calls with Ben, and I often ended calls smiling. When I did struggle with technical or analytical problems Ben was simultaneously empathetic and firm in his encouragement to figure out the solution. I highly recommend Ben Bell as a Data Science mentor

Heather Passmore, PhD, Senior Data Scientist at

I highly recommend Ben as an advisor for all things under the Data Science umbrella. I had the pleasure of learning under Ben for half a year as one of his advisees. Ben’s knowledge of the material and commitment to his advisees was evident right from the first of our weekly meetings.

Ben was able to clearly explain and breakdown the most complex of Data Science topics, from Support Vector Machines to Naïve Bayes. In addition to assisting with the lecture material, Ben was able to provide helpful tips on the Python language, and coding best practices. Ben was a patient advisor, understanding and accommodating of my busy work schedule. He was also adept at motivating me when reaching seemingly impassable roadblocks on projects and problem sets.

Perhaps most noteworthy and exceptional about my time with Ben, was his willingness to assist on problems outside the scope of our course together. Ben was always eager and willing to help solve data science or programming problems I had run into at my work, entirely unrelated to the Springboard course for which he was my advisor. Ben was consistently willing to spend additional time to ensure that there were no points of confusion at the end of our calls. This exemplifies the interest Ben takes in his advisees. […]

Marshall Pagano, Senior Risk Analyst at Karen Clark & Company